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Education is integral to the DNA of the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra.  For 65 years the LSO has engaged, educated and inspired thousands of diverse school-age students and adult learners by means of a comprehensive program of strategic education initiatives.

The LSO is committed to the precept that music changes lives. Proven historic research indicates music education/participation fosters learning using the multiple intelligences. Students involved in school music programs consistently demonstrate advanced achievement scores in numerous subjects including math, science and social studies.

The LSO is likewise committed to the precept that every individual is deserving of investment regardless of ethnic, cultural, and socio-economic background.  More than 12,300 learners are served annually through transformational education programs made possible by the generosity of LSO patrons and sponsors.

The Lubbock Symphony Orchestra's Education Department is dedicated to:

  • providing age-appropriate, stimulating, and uplifting Education Concerts
  • training small ensemble musicians to provide interactive and educational performances for third and fourth grade students and additional audiences in community venues
  • recruiting and training teaching artists to present lessons that teach core curriculum concepts through the integration of musical activities
  • collaborating with other community arts organizations to better share the love of and appreciation for the performing arts
  • expanding the breadth and reach of LSO programs to include not only school-aged children but individuals in other age groups as well