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Concert Etiquette

If you are a first-time visitor to the Lubbock Symphony you may be unsure what to expect. Listed below are a few helpful suggestions to help insure that you have a pleasent experience.

What to Wear

When attending you will mostly see dress ranging from business casual to much more formal wear. Ultimately you should wear what you find most comfortable and will allow you to fully enjoy the experience.


Arriving Late

If you arrive after the concert has begun you will be asked to wait until a pause in the music before you are seated.


When To Applaud

In many kinds of music, the audience claps whenever there is an ending — if the music stops, people applaud. In classical music, one piece may have several endings within it, and you are supposed to wait until the very last ending before you clap. When in doubt, simply wait until the conductor faces you and takes a bow. It is also polite to applaud when the concertmaster comes on stage, as well as when the conductor walks to the podium.


Sounds and Actions That Get in the Way

Talking, texting, opening your purse, whispering, jingling coins, rustling programs, saying “shhhh,” coughing, forgetting to silence beeping watches and cell phones, squeaking a chair, and putting your feet on the seat in front of you distracts others. Please be courteous and refrain from these activities during the concert!


Be Attentive

Please remember to be attentive during the concert and as you enter and exit the theater. When the lights dim, please refrain from talking, whispering, or humming. We need your undivided attention in order to give you our best performance.


When Music is Playing

Try to remain quiet and listen to the music. Please stay in your seat, and use the restroom before the concert begins. Clap when the ENTIRE piece is over.


Experiencing the Concert

We ask that you help to create a frame of silence in which the music can thrive and embrace you.